Midas' prescription medicines containing Ranibizumab

The following webpages provide information on the safe use of Midas' medicinal products containing the active substance ranibizumab.

Information for patients and healthcare professionals

Educational materials and product information expressed in the official language on the country specific webpages are intended to ensure that healthcare professionals and pharmacists, as well as patients are aware of and take into account important safety information relevant to the treatment with medicinal products containing Ranibizumab. This information is consistent with educational materials and product information approved by the competent authority.

The product related information provided on the Ranibizumab country specific webpages is subject to approval by local authorities and may therefore vary from country to country. For the relevant country information, please make sure to select the country in which the medicine has been prescribed.

The medicines described herein are available only on prescription. Please consult your doctor for medical advice or if you have any questions.